My recommendation for starting the process of personal development



Today I understand that parenting, like relationships and life in general, is a challenging journey for most people, and often we, our partner or our children need help and support on this journey. I personally experience life so intensely, that I need support from all possible channels in order to change and develop.


Alongside my process of personal development, I have been working in recent years as a personal development facilitator for adults and as a moderator for groups and individuals in various fields, including personal crises, parenting, relationships and more.


My approach as a moderator goes hand in hand with the approach I adopt in my personal life: I combine all those elements that work for me, and this is my strength. Over the years I have acquired knowledge and experience, both on a professional and a personal level. I have come to integrate principles and tools from therapeutic, traditional as well as spiritual worlds, In my sessions, we gradually learn, through encountering the reality of our lives, to identify what really hinders us, and to accept other approaches and tools that can help to develop and strengthen us in everyday experiences. A major part of the inner work required for personal development is work related to the child in us that has been scarred from various experiences. In sessions, we learn to understand how the child in us is manifest in our present lives and how it blocks our ability to personally develop. In other words, the sessions take us on a journey during which difficulty and pain make room for change through the experience of stimulating and strengthening growth – a wonderful way of opening up to life.



Laura Livnat 

How to open up to life: